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Music plays through our life in a most intricate manner, helping us express and explore our emotions in a deeper sense. Listening to music takes us to a state of mind that we seek to be in - peace, freedom, calm, joy or even sorrow.

Meditational or spiritual genres of music have had a wide following since time immemorial. People seek solace and inner tranquility via meditation. Similarly some try to discover their spiritual call through various means, music being one such medium. Breaking out of our day to day humdrum of practicalities is not easy. As much as we would like to take a break to rest our mind and spirit for a while, we usually get entwined into seen or unforeseen situations that need our immediate attention.

Earthen Call is a place which will provide you with a welcome outlet for the inner wellbeing that you seek. You can enjoy a rich reserve of music related to meditation, spirituality, nature, sleep, inner peace, study, healing, yoga, spa and relaxation etc.

To transcend time and reach a state of mental peace, all you need to do is visit us here anytime anywhere and choose the type of music you want to listen to. It can play in the backdrop while you engage in a taxing mental task that requires concentration or it can come to your aid while you are try to unwind and relax.

So unravel the magic of Earthen Call compositions and discover the new you. Here and now, and forever.